Skylanders Swapforce is a fun game. My favorite character is legendary free ranger. His upgrades are turning into a tornado longer, the tornado can have lightning in it that zaps down enemies. The tornado swings people around. Emily and Daddy like to play with Roller Brawl and Smolderdash Lightcore.  

date16 Feb

This game is awesome because if you have the full version you can go in any type of mode basically. My favorite mode is “Jet Pack” because you get to fly very very high and then you fall into holes randomly.  You have a limited amount of juice or fuel. I’m gonna play Jet Pack until I die!  

date15 Feb

Pursuit of Hat There’s a person trying to get a hat and when you press space he pulls his arm off and puts it in that one spot, if you go over there and press it again he’ll pick it up.  And you can throw everything until you are just basically a head.  You can’t really throw it, you just put it down.  

date16 Aug

This is a game where you have a whole bunch of snails and things like that.   You have a whole bunch of sticks and things that you can hit things with and plants that you place like peashooters from plants vs. zombies and small range mushrooms.  

date16 Aug

Today I played Skylanders, watched TV and I read some of my new Big Nate book, my new Lego Chima book and my favorite book, Sting!  I went to the bookstore and then Toys R Us, where I got Spyro and Drobot.  

date14 Aug